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General Intercooler hose / airbox clips

Jul 8, 2013

I have a 51 plate 5 door 1.9. Currently taking some of it to bits and have a feeling that my turbo - intercooler hose may be split. Im going to take it off tonight and elearn says you need to take the bumber off, is it possible to do it without the bumper being remover?
Also I rang fiat and its £109 for a new pipe if its split, i'm not willing/able to pay that much and was woundering how easy it is to replace the snake like pipe in there at the minute with a straight pipe?

Second issue is the clips on my airbox are rusted into non existance, anyone have any proven methods of closing the box without them?

Thanks in advance!
If it's just the hose you want to replace, you can get to it through the left wing with the wheel arch liner removed. You only need the bumper off if you're replacing the intercooler.

The hose often wears on the edge of the liner, so worth wrapping some insulation around it once replaced.
I noticed one of my airbox clips has gone AWOL... the single remaining clip seems to hold the lid fairly tightly closed but the air filter is getting damp, so probably could use the help of the second clip.

Does anyone know if/where these are available separately?

Ralf S.

Hey up bud.

Pain in the backside to find - see if the fuse box cover ones are the same.
Failing that - a tiny hole and self tapper might fix it.

I have a feeling mine is in the same state as it looks like someone has tie wrapped around the whole thing (god knows how) just never got round to stripping all the gubbins away from it (above it).