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Technical Indicators and wipers


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Jan 1, 2014
Hi all

Hope everyone, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year.

A different query from me for a change. I noticed the other week when driving home in the rain that whenever I braked, my rear wiper came on; it also came on each time I indicated left. Now I am noticing that whenever I push down on the brake, and am indicating right, the indicating speed seems to speed up.

Any ideas on diagnosis and what I can do?

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May 7, 2011
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check the earths behind the pass side rear light ;) its only 2x cross head screws to take out. if you give them a wiggle all will be fine again however i suggest you take each spade terminal off and give it some sand paper-ing. then squeeze in the terminal a bit so it fits back on the spade snug and push it back on. will be good for another 20 years.. more if you put some copper slip on it :D

it can happen where the copper inside the wires rot away but i dont think i have ever seen that happen on the rear lights of a panda being inside the cavity away from water