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Jun 20, 2004
Help - Cursed Idle Speed - 1ltr Cinqy

Hiya, im back on here after a few months with a new project... But ive came accross some faults. The main one being my idle speed. On idle the car seems to be yo-yo'ing from approx 1000rpm up to 2000rpm then back. It repeats this over and over again, and will sometimes rev up the rpms to like 6000rpm.. (this is approximate as the car is a standard cinqy s with no rev counter). I was thinking of reluctantly visiting a scrap yard and replacing the map sensor(cant seem to find it), ecu, lambada sensor etc.. but where do i start? has anyone else got this trouble.. its extremly noticable, people are beginning to look as i sit at the lights lol.

Also, i have an unstable speedo needle, could this be the cable or something else? it only seems to stablise when i reach approx 50 upwards (yes that is down hill with the wind behind me lol)

The car is standard and on a 'N' plate

Hope someone can help, KIND REGARDS
Re: Help - Cursed Idle Speed - 1ltr Cinqy

Sounds like a vacuum pipe has come off, check them all, including the connector pieces in case they have split.

Wobbly speedo is a cable routong fault. Check its going the right way as the increased wear will cause it to fail completely.


Re: Help - Cursed Idle Speed - 1ltr Cinqy

Ive checked the vacuum hose which i can see, and its in perfect condition.. where are the others? and has anyone got a picture of a standard bay, just incase the previous owner has connected it to the wrong carb nipple. Excuse the rudeness lol.
Does the standard fiat cinqy have an idle sensor? and if so where abouts in the engine is it? do they have map sensors like the punto's? trying to solve an irratic idle urgently...
Re: Help - Cursed Idle Speed - 1ltr Cinqy

Haven't got a picture handy, but in your other post you couldn't find the map sensor.

One of the vacuum hoses goes to the map sensor so you must have found it. Its the disc like thing on the inner nearside wing that the vacuum hose goes to.


Righto, I had this problem for months, did my head in after a while with MAP sensors, vacuum hoses etc. You need to pay a visit to a breakers yard...its your potentiometer and the idle stepper control which is at fault....not necessarily both of these, but I replaced them at the same time to do away with any need yourself the Haynes manual to fine these on the TB, easily replaced, but be careful on the potentiometer security screws...they are star bits and are very tight to get off because of the difficult position they are in..

Keep me posted...

hey, before i read your message i replaced both my ecu and my map sensors, and it didnt solve a darn thing. What i did notice is that while the engine is running without the vacuum hose attatched to the carb, it stops doing the dodgy idle. Are the two sensors that you are on about in the carb part.... the two main bits at the top with wires attatched to them. ones yellow, and the other the same clour as the carb? havent got any way of gettin to a manual at the sec as my tax has ran out.. until i got this reply i was thinking of listing the car up on ebay.... so many thanks.
no the parts funkycinq is on about are the 2 black plastic lumps on the side of the tb. they are sat next to each other. one is directly opposite the throttle cable linkage as it it driven by the butterfly valve. the other lump sits just in front of it. the 2 parts you are looking at are the injector and inlet temp sensor at a guess.