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Oct 10, 2003
Gillingham, United Kingdom.

I have recently bought a Stealth Shelf one of the shelfs with the MDF wood with precut holes for 6 x 9's

What would you suggest would be good 6 x 9's to go for? I like them to be bassy but have a good high range, I have been looking at JBL and Vibe 6 x 9's, I have heard some and they sound quality

Im not keen on Kenwood or Alpine speakers because I have had components in the past that were shoddy and got too distorted, I like something that can take a bit of bass and that sounds crisp

Also any ideas how you can run two amplifiers of a Head Unit that only has 1 Preout, I already run one amplifier that powers two subs I talked to a guy in the Audio shop and he said get a splitter to convert one preout to 2 preouts, has anyone done it and is it a good idea?

Thanks in advance

Thanks mate

Went to Maplins and bought two splitters there, not bad at £4 for the 2

All I need now is some quality 6 x 9's running off an amp, I reckon Vibe look and sound pretty good, my budget is £100 for a decent pair of speakers, I already got a 300w amp (75w a channel)


Hi mate.

It all depends on your head unit. You need to pay attention to what power you are kickin out so as to best drive the speakers. I have a 50w pc Pioneer 77MP (top ******), and it sounds amazing with Pioneer Accellerate 6x9s. The ICE shop said go for rockfords, JL etc at 80W but it just wouldnt drive em.

If you want a full frequency range match them up good and you'll be laughing. What u got at the min?

Did you have the fish? No...I ate it.
Hi, i think for ur situation u may need to install a Pre-amp, but remember to get a quality one and the wiring must be well done. If not noise will be generated.
The reason of using pre-amp, it got room for advancement for future, especially with ur 1 pre-out HU, and also u can base on ur preference to adjust the fader, treble, bass vol, bass frequency, speaker and tweeter frequency.
But in the future, if u got better HU with more pre-out, pls forget abt this pre-amp, because less extra component in ur audio system, will produce better sound.
Good day my friend :)
Thanks for your help guys, I have actually got an 880 Watt 4 Channel amp, to drive the 6 x 9's or subs, I got it for £80 from ebay!, if driving the 6 x 9's I got enough juice to power them both and they should sound good, they are JBL and have 175w RMS input so I can tune them to sound good

It is an XS intimidator not a brand name but from what I heard the amp isn't bad, so I will install it just after xmas and see how it gets on, thanks for your comments and ideas, it's definately something to think about in the future especially the preamp if I don't upgrade the HU

Thanks a lot