Styling i,ve got a 24incher

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Styling i,ve got a 24incher

Aug 2, 2006
thought i,d share my new purchase with you all... just purchased an aero wiper blade .. by sparco £14 for the 24incher:D been planning anew blade for the coming bad weather, nice young lad at my local autosave said they were ok & he had one on his car.. iknow its no big deal but its new only £14. so far so good,dont know about snow & ice though...only one small thing, the sparco logo is on the clip in bold white letters for all to see:cool: i know i,m a cynical old git but i,ll cover this up with black marker...seems abit of a magnet if you know what mean.. such a pity i have to think like that but thats modern day living for you...right where,s that black marker:D
Thief have been stealing my valve caps on my tires, I had green ones, they took all 4, then bought blue ones (1 EUR) and yesterday they've stole only one? I'm thinking this is some kid in action :D Maybe local juniors on who I shout cause they play footbal in my street (it's 3 meters wide and we park in it, theres a playground accross the street, and they are 12 years old, but nooooo....lets smash some cars...)
Gonna put black ones, hope they stoled black ones allready (y)