Technical I few problems :( Help needed please..

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Technical I few problems :( Help needed please..


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May 14, 2007
right firstly i have a MK2 2001 Fiat Punto 8v 3 door.

but i have some questions:

1) the front 2 seats are not working very good. the passenger side doesnt work at all. someone tried to lift it up yesterday and it just didnt work. it now feels like its not touching anything when im lifting it. the drives side seat works but only when you press a certain bit of the seat :( any one have any idea's about these?

2) when im driving it feels like i dont have any suspention. its so bumper i can feel the littlest bumps in the road :( i do have alloys but woundered if theres any reason this is?

3) the front drivers side speaker doesnt work. the rest are fine but dont know how to get that to work?

any idea;s would be very helpful!

thanks alot people!
i broke my passenger seat

fixed it now

is your bar thingy attached? under the seat and does it feel it

this got ripped of in my hand

unscrew the side there s like a little thingy in the side push it down if the seat moves its the mechenism what moves the seat

i dont know if there is another one of thes plunger thingys on te other side of the seat
dont know what the bar is to be honest.
all i know is that it doesnt feel like anything is attached any more :(
i might have a go at it later if i can. anyone else know or can help?

Get Haynes Manual, save using forum, the speaker problem is probably because it's busted or a lose connection, take cover gently off, undo the three screw holding in place remove speaker and check all the leads are firmly in place and try to see if it works, if not go to scrappies and get one. (Unless you want to replace the whole system)
i tried taking to cover off and the wires are okay. the speaker does work ive tested it..
just dont know how to reach the rest of the wires?
Yeah go for what Ninja said with the speaker, mine stoppped working for a while, so i gave the connections a shoogle, cranked it up to full volume nd it worked. If you adjust the balance and fade until it is front right, does it work? If not, scrappy job.
yeah ive tried that.
it used to work but hasnt for about a month now.
i know the speak isnt broke because ive tested it.
just dont know how to get to all the other wires