Technical I don't know what is the problem with Tipo

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Technical I don't know what is the problem with Tipo


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Feb 2, 2006
Hi again

Tipo 1.4ie year 94

The car still has problems in IDLE, RMP falling to 600 (exhaust backfires) and rising back to normal 900-1000. And the problem is now, when the car is worm (sometimes it does that simply randomized). When I press throtle the car runs fine and when put my foot off, it start like chocking itself. I changed IDLE regulator and it didn't solve the problem. And it was very expensive. Please someone help.. :cry:
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Thx for answer sumplug. Where is that sensor installed ? And I hope it isn't very expensive ? Boy I sure wish this would solve my problem, because it's realy anoing, when you wait at trafic lights, and car starts to chocke itself in IDLE.
Ok I'm no car expert, but can you explain me, how does this sensor on thermostat affect the engine to pore IDLEing ? Is it connected to a Digiplex 2 ? Does digiplex regulating ignition due to that sensor reading ?

Thx in advanced
As far as I know the coolant temp sensor only shows on the dash. You thought of having it checked at an independent garage? Thats what I'm going ot have done on mine to sort its idle. Also have you had the sensors checked? Lambda etc...
I wisited the FIAT service and they hooked ECU on dianostic and it haven't show any fault. So I'm guessing, the lambda sensor should be fine ? I believe sumplug is right, and It could bi fault CT sensor then ECU sendns incorect signal to the injector and the injector is spreing too much fuel and it seems like engine is chocking (RMP rising to 900 and faling down to 600) iregulary. When I press throtle, engine consumes more air and the mixture is OK. The problem usualy apears, when car is in warming up procedure (running from 10 mins to 30). I just dont wana waste any more money in it and still not solving the problem.
Sounds like the same problem I have on my wifes Saxo. I started with the ECU Fuel Injection Coolant temp sensor on the thermostat housing (£12). Both measured the same resistance so the original sensor was fine. Next thing I'm going to change is the idle stepper motor but that is an £80 part, will be examining the part before replacing at that price though.

You could remove the sensor and check the resistance at various temps, i.e. measure the ambient temp resistance then dip the sensor in boiling water and then measure the resistance. It will change if the sensor is working.
@ hellcat: no I haven't tried to unplug the battery. I will try to unplug it for 5 mins.

It's a little tough procedure, to refit CT sensor alone (some coolant liquid will be spilled, if the senzor is installed in thermostat). But I'm just sorry, that I have boutht new iddle motor, for it was expensive. I've just remembered, when measuring emissions, the exhaust never passed in IDLE, test barely passed, when RPM were higer. That issue was present probably then already, but car was atleast running fine backthen..:cry:
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I was lucky today, and I was right at my mechanic, when the problem reapeared. Mechanics instantly recognized the problem - it was a distributor, burned out and the spark was not sinhronized anymore. I just wana tell everyone, if he has the same problem on tipo 1.4 (ie) and car is stalling randomly in IDLE, first check distributor (I think that is the name of the device in english, from wich cables are conected to spark plugs). It might be warned out or burned inside. :cool:

Long live the Tipo (y)

THX guys for helping