I bought a new car :)

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I bought a new car :)

Stilo Alian

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Mar 4, 2004
Dublin, Ireland.
Ok so i know it's not a fiat but I like it!

2000 reg polo gti
So what's everyone think?
But even as a true descendant its slightly on the tubby side.

Definately a nice car, went like poo poo off a shovel up to 120 with 4 of us in!

Lots of torque for a little engine, not bad figs on the BHP either, only 20 less than a MK4 2.0 16v golf GTi.

Needs lowering though
Nice Polo! Ahh, MkI Golf GTI - mate had a black Y plate 1.8 GTI Campainge model... looked totally standard but had been tweeked by Brian Ricketts Motorsport for previous owner, whom had used it for track days but moved onto an MR2. Took it off the clock (135 on the speedo... needle pointing down in middle of guage at bottom of speedo) on the M40 and the guy in front of us in the XK8 just moved over when mate flashed him. XK owner must have been well p***ed, being overtaken by 1400 odd quid of toyota main dealer P/X MkI Golf GTI :D