Panda 2012+ Hybrid Sport

My brand new Fiat Panda Hybrid Sport. O traded in my 2019 Lounge for this. Good choice!


1litre Mild Hybrid. Great car
Id be very interested how you compare the performance and economy after you have got settled in. I do like the colour.
I was thinking about getting one when they first mentioned it as before launch I heard it might of had the T-Jet which would have been rapid 😂 & then it launched with the standard 1.0 Firefly hybrid which sort of put me off trading mine in as there was only 1 bhp difference, this could have been Fiat's chance to do a 319 version of the 100hp imagine that😄, still a very cool looking car though I like the interior especially on these. I didn't know until I stood up close to one some of them have Matt paint, stuff trying to keep on top of that 😂