Technical how to disable immobilisor

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Technical how to disable immobilisor


Jun 29, 2005
ill need to move my other cinq around the garage soon and since i used the ecu to put my mckcrich chip in i put my other ecu on the spare cinq.
iv now lost the original chip for the ecu and could do with being able to drive it around the garage and yard rather than pushing it

if anyone knows how to disable the system could you please tell me
probably be better to pm it me rather than have it on a public forum

dont really want to keep swapping them over though as when i need to move that 1 its to put parts onto my other, also the ecu will get reset everytime so would be easier to disable the immobilisor
Re: how to disable immobiliser

the immobiliser is under the dash and is only held in with a 10mm bolt and a multi plug, but even if you take it off the ECU will not let the car start as it needs the code from it.

If anyone knows how to disable the immobiliser I suggest that they do not post on here but send a PM to the person asking the question as many people do not have a separate alarm/immobiliser system on their cars and therefore could make there cars vulnerable to theft if this knowledge is on a public forum.

Re: how to disable immobiliser

AFAIK, it can be disabled using settings on its memories.

It needs a code reader to do then the ECU can be put back into a virgin state.

<Shouts at Arc>
Only way is to use my chip. Once and ECU is coded it cannot be changed and the immobiliser box and ECU and red key need to be used as a set. The chip code is not held in my chip but on other memory on the board. As Arc said my chip problem started as an exercise to disable the immobiliser.

Hope this helps


Re: how to disable immobiliser

custard boy said:
just push it,its only an ickle cinq :p
may be little but pretty hard to push when its got flat tyres lol
ill get my codereader on it tomorrow if i cant do anything ill have to push it(n)
Re: how to disable immobiliser

Helz said:
Even I can push mine around and I'm 5ft2 and built like a feather :eek:
i can push it lol its just that its got 4 flat tyres so makes it a little harder
thought it would be easier if anyone knew how to disable immobilisor