How does crossover connection effect the sound quality?

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How does crossover connection effect the sound quality?

Feb 19, 2020
Hey there,

I got a 2000 Brava and I bought a set of JBL CS760Cs the other day. I went to a car shop to get them connected.

However the guy at the shop did not connect the woofers to the crossover, instead he just connected tweeters to the crossover and woofers are connected through the cable coming from the stereo.

Having no experience with sound systems, I would like to ask you guys whether I should change the connection or not. Does that effect sound quality, if so is it worth changing the connection? I can't really believe what they say at car shops anymore.

After watching the guy do it, I figure I could do it easily on my own with some tools.


Denis Benitez

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Jul 15, 2020
Los Angeles
I didn't had a situation like this but I bought a marantz sr7013 that have an amazing sound, and the fact that I like to watch movies in the park in car this device make me happy every time I use it, because it can project movies in 4k.