Technical Horn wiring help please

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Technical Horn wiring help please


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Oct 30, 2008
My cinq was brought as a project and now its getting close to going on the road . However it has had an abarth steering wheel fitted but no wiring for the horn ? Now I taken it all of and are now back to the original boss it has a ring of Conectors on it which I asume should have a ring or plate on to conect them all up with a wire going upto the horn push and then to earth ? is this correct If so where can I get a plate or ring clip or is it a case of making one or am Iworking on the wrong assumption Thanks
Opps looking at it again I think someones fitted a sei stalk ? as they are round stalks
Opps looking at it again I think someones fitted a sei stalk ? as they are round stalks

The last Cinqs (Generally R reg) came with the Sei style stalks, the "rugby ball" steering wheel from the Seicento and a different handbrake mechanism under the car along with a handful of other little differences with the vents under the windscreen etc.

As for the wiring, i can't remember exactly the setup as standard or coverted, but the basic or wiring dictates live and earth, so as long as you have live to the horn push itself and an earth wire coming off it, it won't really matter "what" it is earthed to so long as it is clean metal.

So basically, it doesn't really matter what it comes with because you can make absolutely anything work fitment wise regardless of what it comes with by making your own earth and bolting it down onto something else metal in the car. The fitments a lot of "kits" come with are pretty universal, so sometimes you need to do a bit of modification for wiring to get things working.