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Nov 18, 2004
Collected my 1st car the 2days ago, washed it(valeted) for 7hours 2day, gleaming nice bless her with a few scratches :(.....

Got my privacy tints undergoing just wondering if any one can give me some advise for a setup or what to use or what not.... got a bravo 1.8 hlx....

Cheers much appreicated people

P.s Cant wait for brook fields
Do you want us to give you some advice on parts ot buy or just installing it?

If you want an idea on parts to buy give us a budget and tell us if that needs to include headunit speakers amps sub etc.
as a basic outline, decent front speakers (pref comps and 17cm, but these need a bit of help to fit from mr angle grinder:devil: ) pref amped and a sub of reasonable ability. this is pretty much what i have, a piar of alpine type r comps up front powered by a kicker ix1302 amp, and a pair of pioneer 12" subs in the boot powered by another amp. i still have the satandard tweeters in the dash wired up and they cope supprisingly well with all the abuse i hurl at them, and also have the standard rears in, which will be relaced sooner or later, but most of the time they are disconnected unless i want a fuller sound when the stereo is turned down

my rather full boot, but this will be changed at some point in the near future


Thats my install.

Lanzar opti amp powers the sub and the alpine is powering my components.
No more plans for me if thats who you were asking. I have ran out of money to chuck into the stereo £1400 i have spent so far putting the system together including headunit etc.

Now im trying to get other things done to my car...for free. The only good thing about having a Citroen C4 and modding it so many companies are looking for them to prototype parts for them. I can get a free pipercross viper induction kit if i take my car to them and leave it with them for 2 days.

But just took my cinq in to the garage today as well to have some work done on it. Need some of the bodywork patching up properly etc. So more money gone :(
Sorry about this thread, after advice on what to buy and install....aiint been around for a few days due to it being the mothers bday and forgot about this thread... i appricate comments specially pictures cheers :)