Technical High and unsteady revs

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Technical High and unsteady revs

Dec 1, 2004
Hello there guys,
I put a new engine in my sporting same 1108cc. I used the old throttle body that was working fine with the old engine. The problem is that the revs when cold are 1500 some times 2000 and when the car warms up the revs go up and down in the region of 1000 to 1500. Also you can hear the engine sucking air.What do you thinnk is the problem?
Also, when i removed the TB there is a weird kind like a gasket (like a Cube) that connects the TB with the innlet manifold. Is there any other gasket or any other material like silicone that is between the gasket and the manifold and the gasket and the TB? Is it possible that the innlet manifold gasket is gone?
theres a plate goes between the spacer and tb. i left this off mine and it made a huge sucking noise. found the plate in the tub of spares i had left over. :D
Thanks for your reply
So this plate goes between tthe TB and the spacer?
why when i took out the TB from the old engine there was no plate?
When yours was without the spacer did you have the same problem with the revs? Aparently a friend of mine told me that because the engine sucks more air it confuses the idling sensor hence the prob with the revs
Yup, you have an air leak. If you get a spray bottle and fill it with water, spray around the area the sucking noise will change when you hit it with the spray.