Hi. New from Surrey

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Hi. New from Surrey


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Jan 19, 2023
South London
Hi I’ve had Fiats since 2001 - a Multipla till 2012, and a Panda Twinair Lounge since. Loved both - apart from the iffy electrics!
Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of knowledge around here aand some real experts to advise. I hope its not the Panda electrics, generally Ive found Pandas dependable - touch wood. If youve had the TA since 12 its getting ripe! Still new enough to have a good few years in it. I keep my cars in the garage so they suffer less condensation which seems to help. I have never tried a two wheel drive TA, I must try one, Im veryinterested to know how it is on fuel. We have a 1.2 which seems to vary from about 44mpg to nearly 65 depending on its use which varies from light running in the back roads of Norfolk to long runs visting family doing 200 to 400 in a day.