General Help! Wiper Mechanism in 1993 model left hand drive vs right

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General Help! Wiper Mechanism in 1993 model left hand drive vs right


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Oct 21, 2014
Can you help! My mum has a much cherished 1993 Fiat Panda (1000), which is left hand drive. The Wiper mechanism and arm have given up the ghost making it undriveable (theyve already taken the back wiper off to put on front). If she cant get it fixed/replaced, it will render the car undriveable, and she'll need to get rid of it.

Does anyone know if a right hand drive mechanism and arm will fit?

Any idea where we can get a replacement?

I've found a right hand one on ebay for £50, but dont know if it;; fit and thegarage she uses arent sure either!
Fiat have said they can provide one for £400 - which is way too expensive.

We have a friend in Italy who said theyd try to find something, but not holding out much hope!

Thank you!
Millie. x

All help, thoughts etc welcome!
hey millie,
a right hand wiper mech should fit the left hand drive panda no problem.

you may have to swap the window washer jet over to the other hole in the panel the wiper spline fits through.

i will be able to fix your original wiper motor (given it is just the spline that has now rounded smooth) if you wish.

if you are interested please send me a message.

i sadly have no wiper motor units in stock! (cmon guys send me them!)

please read the thread that Panda1408 linked to in his post.
it will tell you what bits you will need to send me, should you wish me to fix your wiper motor.

you will however need to find a left hand drive fiat cinqueento drivers side wiper arm. as a right hand drive arm would be bent in the wrong way.

maybe Alixcompo could help you out.. he may have a left hand drive wiper motor.. i am not sure though.
Thank you all so much!
The mechanic has read your thread and reckons he can fix it , without needing a new motor - hurrah! what a fabulous site.

My mum is really grateful! And we both appreciate all your input!

Millie. x
It's not so bad having the wiper arm park in front of you. Mk1 Unos do that as standard, along with many other models before that.