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General Help urgently needed RE Punto door


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Aug 23, 2006
Hi all, im in need of a little help. If been looking for a replacement door for my mk1 punto in the right colour for months (grigio steel, i sware its bin like rocking horse sh*t to get hold of). Ive finally found one in the wonderful land that is ebay!! yay!! and again....yay!!:D

Trouble is theres a few things which are slightly differant the outer b-pillar i black?? I quite like it actually but how the hell would i do this to the opposite door:confused: Also theres a thin red strip running along the top edge of the rub strip. Ive never seen this before? If anyone has could they advise me as to whether this can be peeled off easily without damaging the paint:confused:

Many thanks in advance.
The black stuff is just a sticker from Fiat...or a hlafords sunstrip will do the same thing.

The red strip is from either 1.6 8v sporting, or the 1.2 16v's one of the others that had them on the bump strips I beleive.
Cheers m8.

Do you know if the red strip is actually part of the bump strip or just a sticker which can be removed?

Also the sticker for the b-pillar, any ideas where i could purchase one from. I'd try the sunstrip method but i have visions of it turning out like its bin done by a kid who's just watched art attack :D
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Anybody have any ideas on where i could purchase the stickers required to black the outer b-pillars??