Technical Help Please - Non Starting Mk2 1.2 8v

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Technical Help Please - Non Starting Mk2 1.2 8v


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Jan 21, 2006
Hope someone can help me here as I'm not as good with cars since they started to fit ECU's and the likes!

The other halfs Mk2 1.2 Active Sport has been running fine, but has refused to start this evening. When the key is turned to the "on" position there is a rapid clicking from one of the relays in the fuse box next to the battery. If turned to the start position, the dash goes blank.

I presumed a faulty relay so once i identified the clicking relay I replaced it. But to no avail. I've also noticed that when i try any of the electrics (Windows, lights, hazards) they fail to operate and i get more clicking and dancing of the pointers on the dash board dials.

I'm obviously at a complete loss now and any pointers would be much appreciated.


PS. this is a 2002 car with 23K miles on the clock.
I believe that the battery is fine. It is registering just over 12v on the tester so not fully charged but i would have thought near enough?

Have cleaned and tightened batter connections but they looked and felt fine anyway.

Would a low / dead battery cause the relays to flutter like that?
Only reliable way to test a battery is to put it under load,multimeters etc can easily be fooled by surfacecharge.
Anyone to give you a push start or got a set of jump leads only the symptons you describe lead towards a battery.You have to be 100% sure the battery is good before moving on to checking earths/starter etc or you will just go round in circles guessing on parts.
Yes it can make your relays do this.
Thanks, will try a bump down the hill in the morning.
Fingers crossed!

Cheers again.

A quick beer or pushing the car??????

I think I'll stick with the beer and go back to fixing the car in the morning:)

But thanks for the suggestion;)
Thanks all.
A jump start did the trick.

A good run around to give the battery a charge and it tests OK.

My guess is that the other half left the interior light on or something, but she won't own up to it.