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help please mateys

normski c

Apr 21, 2004
Glengormley, N.I, United Kingdom.
long time since have appeared on here but thought i'd ask for some help see who knows.

just got coilovers on my car as below:


in order to lower it more do i move the red rings up or down or one up and one down or wat?

they are FK if that helps anyone.

You'd lower the platform wouldn't you?
thats why i'm confused.

someone on another site said he winds his down on his FK, guess should try that then.

someone on here used to drive a stilo that had FK coilovers, kinda navy colour, they still about.
Trust Arc.. winding the red rings down will lower the car. Winding them up will raise the car.

The spring is compressed more as you wind up exerting more force which pushes the car up more. As you wind it down the spring exerts less force upwards and the car sits lower.
nice one hellcat, knew you guys were the best to come and ask for advice :D

posted it on local site yesterday and c2 site and no1 will help lol.

now to wait for a dry night and some time, damn things take ages to wind up and down.

thanks again :D
The make of coilover is irrelevant really, they are fundamentally the same design :) If you were to screw the rings up, then you are essentially trying to raise the body up i.e. raising the suspension.
If you wind the rings down, the overall length of the spring does not change as its still compressed to the same amount regardless of where the platform is on the strut. The only way you'll change the spring length is by altering the weight on the spring, e.g. chucking loads of bricks in your boot will compress the springs due to the extra weight. Take them out and the suspensiion decompresses.

This is the same thing as Hellcat just said...................:)
thats what i was trying to think of how to say, but im half way trying to write 2500 words of utter bull**** about an application i've developed... its eaten my ability to form real, meaningful posts
they not too bad, seicento was worse with just springs changed and ive yet to get the shorthened bumpstops for the rear so am sure it will be a little better.

koni work close with FK so the shocks and springs are good stuff but yeah tou still know every stone tou roll over although to me its not too bad and could be worse.