Help my car wont start

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Help my car wont start


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Feb 10, 2006
I've just joined the website and i need advice on my car. Basically my car started to lose power when i was driving, and the fuel injector light kept coming on. It didnt really bother me too much but it started to get worse. A mate told me to take the spark plugs out and clean them cause it sounded like it was misfiring. So i took them out and cleaned them, when i put them back the car wouldnt start. I checked the firing order and if the plugs were in correctly and it still wouldnt start. So i got new plugs and HT leads, still didnt work, then my mate told me to get new coil packs, this still didnt work. So i took the battery out and re-charged it, i left the bat out for about 2 days, and when i put it back the car started but i had to tighten the bat up, while i was doing this the car concked out and hasnt started since. Please can someone help!