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Technical help engine prob


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Aug 16, 2010
hi we have a ulysse 1996 which has run perfect for years and about 2 months ago passed its mot with flying colours but not long after it started idling badly and stalling at lights. we have cleaned out the idle valve and the throttle body and tried a new map pressure sensor. we no longer stall and idlings better but we keep getting a engine management light coming on mainly when stood in traffic for a while which goes off a few mins after driving and also when stood in traffic there is a smell which i cant describe but doesnt seem to be at the back of the car . we have checked the exaust and its all fitted correctly no gaps. we took it to a garage to be read and all it came up with was fuel mixture problem any ideas, we are going to service it (fuel filter spark plugs etc) just to see before we take it to the garage which has quoted us to fault find the prob if possible.
help would be appreciated :bang: