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Technical HELP - Cambelt


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May 7, 2005
Hi guys, hope you can help me

I was driving back from work the other day and my cambelt went bang. It happened as i was driving down a road and the engine completely lost power.

I am now undecided what to do. Opinions are; take to garage have get fixed (been quoted upwards of £800), try and fix myself (can tackle most things but never done a cambelt before) or just scrap it.

Other info includes, car is a 96 1.8 HLX which has just gone past the 100,000 miles mark. I have been informed that the values may have been damaged and I think the clutch has gone as well.

What would be your valued opinion?
If the cambelt has gone its almost certain you will have bent valves. This means you'll need a new head gasket, valves and a head skim. Plus you'll need a cam belt.

What you need to think is "Could I get a car of similar quality and known history for the price of the repairs?" If not then go for the repairs. Better the devil you know than the one you don't!
100,000 miles aint too far, a serviced Fiat engine should be good for 200,000+. If you've got the head off you could inspect it and decide if its worth repairing. If you change the engine your VIN plates won't match anymore and will need declaring to insurance AFAIK.

Certainly have a look at the one you have first. Can't do any more damage!
I live in the sunny west midlands and i had thought about a new (ish) engine. Would be good as the body work is in really good nick as well as the interior.

How much do you think i could get for it if i sold it as it a spare or repair maybe??

The other annoying part is that it was booked in to get the cambelt repaired 2 days after it went!! Sod's Law i think they call it...!