General Help/advice please - Bristol dry-stored x19 needs a new home.

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General Help/advice please - Bristol dry-stored x19 needs a new home.


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Jan 21, 2019
So a friend of my wife tells me that her parent(s) need to dispose of an X19 that has sat in their garage for ten years - the father passed away last year sometime.

I don't want the white-haired senior to be ripped-off, but I'm nowhere near the car otherwise I would sort it.

Would anyone like to chip in with advice on what it is worth?
Or a trustworthy specialist in the area?

Tyres have all collapsed, but (going on photos only) it's a VS Bertone two-tone silver over dark blue, with 37k miles on the odo, tan leather? interior, matching tan leather luggage :)

Any advice/suggestions welcome please.

Try contacting Nick troth (x1/9 club technical support and runs p1x/2000 ). hes based near clun in mid wales.
07710 467 201 and [email protected]

Thanks - they are 100 miles away so doubt they'd be interested, but you never know.

So nobody can think of any Fiat specialists near to Bristol? Gosh it must be difficult looking after these cars.

Watch out for it at a scrapyard in the area!
The physical state will help..??

Parked.up MOT d and in regular use..

Or laid.up due to a problem..??

A winter of Saturday mornings spent recommissioning.. or a 5 year rebuild

There is a market for both.. but you need that person
Yes - I thought either or both of those people would be on this forum :)

And if I were interested/had one of those cars, I'd be all over this one as it's only done 37k, and therefore everything not metal would probably be in very good condition.

I have asked if the mother can remember which of the above reasons led to it's being garaged, but it's ten years ago.... so I'll let you know.

As I am nowhere near it, the physical state is unknown, and it would be foolish of me to speculate from photos.

If someone was interested, or a specialist for the parts, near or far, I could share those photos and we could start from there.
Sadly, the only contacts I had in the Bristol area were all for Triumph cars, and I lost touch several years ago. I have a Triumph Stag in a garage in Bristol needing to be shifted, that's a challenge too.

Thanks for the reply!