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heathrow T5

Aug 4, 2004

all well and good, but considering the rest of the place is a disgrace, it's a bit rich to harp on about facilities that the majority of travellers wont use.

having experienced how the far east airports go about business here's a couple of tips:

singapore : 30 mins from touchdown to walking out to your cab, that means no arsing about by your lazy "thiefrow" baggage handlers, and getting more than 30% of your immigration desks open....

singapore/bangkok/hongkong/guangzhou : the airport is primarly that, a place to catch a plane, not another shopping mall, designed to trap and delay you in a series of shopping "experiences"

every other airport on the planet : has plenty of places to sit down comfortably, and wait for whatever reason, schipol springs to mind, a lot provide free internet access, nearly all provide reasonably priced ameneties, some like singapore win airport of the year, years in a row...why? well laid out, comfy, free internet everywhere, massage chairs, chill out zones, helpful staff, very well integrated public and private transport links

point? changi is now in world terms an old airport, yet it is an excellent airport to use, by the most important people there, the travellers

till BAA realises that, T5 will simply be a shiny turd in a vast sewage lake....
on the radio the other day they were saying the plane boarding bits are too small for the biggest planes.
so these cant use the new terminal
TBH all british airports are a bit boxed in and stuffy, none of them are particulary nice.

the scottish two are amoungst the worst (glasgow and that fake glasgow one near ayr), they are complete boxs, no seats, dirty, very few toilets (normally rammed with the proverbial), and immigration is a joke, 1-2desks IN TOTAL! and usually only 1 open :bang: (n)
thats for ALL routes :rolleyes: