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Technical heated mirrors


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Jan 16, 2017
Ive fitted new heated mirror glass both sides complete units not just the gass,as niether side were heating up, but only the passenger side heats up, if by mistake ive crossed the wires on the drivers side could this be why its not working? the mirrors move ok with the switchs and the windows work as they should
if by mistake ive crossed the wires on the drivers side could this be why its not working?

No.... the heating elements are just resistors, it doesn't matter which way round you connect the two small terminals on the back of each glass.
Ok thanks for the fast reply Davren il take the gass off again and spray some contact cleaner into the small conectors
Try removing and cleaning the door post connector. Lifting the grey clip should push the connector out.


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Did you sort this out? Did you fit second hand or new mirror units?
If it still does not work check for 12v supply on the mentioned 2 wires while ignition is on and defroster button pressed. If there is voltage but still no defrosting action, you might want to change only the glass by buying brand new replacement glass (available even from ebay for less than a tenner).
Hope you ll find this helpful.
HI Visconti ive fitted complete new units not just the glass, i pretty certain the drivers side is getting slightly warm but not hot like the passenger side, ive openened up and sprayed the door post connector with contact cleaner plus took the offending new mirror off and sprayed the wire terminals as well but i think i might have damaged the female spades i had to pull so hard to get them off the old mirror. i will check the voltage at the wires like you say thanks