Technical Hardtop rear window demister

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Technical Hardtop rear window demister


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Apr 11, 2007
Northwich, Cheshire
Hi all,

I bought a hardtop last year and fitted it for last winter to my 98 LE. The rear demister switch illuminates when swithced on, and power is getting through to the contact for the demister (the 'U' shape connector with 2 tabs - hope that's clear). The problem I have is that the contact itself has become detached from the window surround. It looks like it should be soldered to the window connection. Does anyone if this is how it connects, and am I safe to solder onto the window surround, or will it crack?

Any advice greatfully received.

There is a special thing to fix this. Its in a little vase, looks like nail polish and you just brush it over(exactly like nail polish :D). Once it dries, you can cover it with some silicon to make sure it stays there.
For sure this is not the only way to fix it, but be careful no matter how you do it.
Good luck

PS: you can use the "nail polish" to fix any broken lines on the window as well. This might make it easier to find if described this way.