Ducato Greetings from Denmark

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Ducato Greetings from Denmark


Dec 8, 2012
Hi all FF (Fiat Folks) I have had Lancia also and they were called Lancisti - whar are FF (Fiat Fans) called?
In danish we used to say: Jeg er Fiat Fan, hvad fan er du? = I am a Fiat Fan, what the F are you? :) :)

I (and my wife) just got ourselves a nice metallic red Fiat Ducato 244, we will be converting to a Camper Van.
Looking forward to draw on the expertise on this Forum.
And later I may well be able to contribute.

I am a mechanic by trade, but don't have a workshop anymore and are starting getting too old to do the most heavy work on the cars.
Welcome to the forum. Proper mechanics are great new for all of us as you all seem to have so much experience to share. I think Fiat drivers are really known as mad ******* or people who have money to spend on repairs more than cars.

Actually I have found Fiat to be more reliable than any other make I have driven as well as simpler in geneal to work on.

It would be great to see the conversion taking place just in case the Fiat madness get worse and I decide to follow suit!