Gran Turismo 5 New League

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Gran Turismo 5 New League


Mar 6, 2008
hi we have just started up a place for clean gt5 racers it is still in early stages eventually there will be prizes to be won

so take a look at the link below and click on the forum to say hi would appreciate if you say you got the link from me but that's not essential take a look, :)
will be starting them sometime in november mate,
we need clean drivers you can sign up now and take part in some of the warm up races now most of the lads are online everynight

there will also be team leaders added, it's going to start off with 2 teams red and blue to see how it goes and then after there will be a few other starter members creating teams i'm hoping to start one of the early teams and would like to start with fresh drivers

the way it will work eventually is you will have the better drivers in say the f1 cars
so everyone will earn there place starting up from 50cc karts
or say you just want to work your way up the gt500 and stay there thats fine.

still early days check the site forum out for rules and more information
my psn is rdanny if you want to add me let me know who you are and ill get you into the full race rooms when there is a space, like i said i want to build up a team of newcomers so if you know any good clean racers bring them along