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Mar 23, 2007
Finally got it for Christmas and thought I'd share my thoughts. 1st off the graphics on the whole are excellent, from the moment I dropped I was pretty amazed.

Also there are things that are just cool even the first event nevermind forza with its forced 1st race in the r8 v10 this was somehow a million times better by not trying as hard with a track day in a Clio 197 round brands. Then there's the inclusion of the festival of speed. Then you have thinga like correctly functioning cvt gearboxes and hybrid systems.

Then there's the tracks hitting mount panorama, or spa, or brands gp circuit or any the classic GT tracks is brilliant.

And last but not least..the brakes work like brakes so I don't end up backing into every corner like I used to on gt5 and the breakaways are more predictable or a smidge slower small changes but alot more fun.

Not all good obviously, somebody needs to strap kazunori down and waterboard him until he deletes the sound file marked "Car noises 1998" also while he's being encouraged to make changes the car list could do with 75% less japanese tat and everything being modelled to the same standard. Seriously whats the point of 1200 cars when more than half are repeats with cosmetic differences? if the Vauxhall Adam was in this game they'd market it as having over a million cars..except of course it isn't because its new and not japanese.

Anyhoo if anyone wants an online race add me I'm Cluffmeistergen on PS3 too.
Echo your thoughts on the sounds!

Might be doing a similar thing to the Forza Time Trials we had soon...
I'd be up for some time trials, i'm nowhere near as good as I am at forza and I'm trying to teach myself to tune atm so could be interesting. As long as its not karts...
Decided I'd try and get the Fiat Abarth Challenge going for GT6 this month! I will create a thread for it when I have Round 1 sorted but for now I'll drop this info in here.

I've created a PDF with all the basic details and shared it via Dropbox. I will be aiming to just add all the rounds/times/leaderboards to this so that I have only got one thing to update. Instead of copying and pasting between 2 or more forums. All you will need to do is bookmark the link and (hopefully) the PDF should stay updated as time goes on.

Also decided that times should be submitted to a new email account that I've created, another thing to make it easier to run as I won't need to go trawling through multiple forums/posts. If everyone submits the times as asked then I can also sort the inbox by subject and automatically have a leaderboard!

Link to the basic rules is here, if anybody spots any issues or can't access it let me know.

Gran Turismo 6 - Fiat Abarth Challenge

I hope to have Round 1 started by the end of the weekend if time allows. I am thinking of a PP limit of around 400-425 to start with (Fiat Coupe is 409 standard), limited to Sports Hard tyres. Brands Hatch Indy Circuit is going to be the first circuit if anybody wants a few cheeky practice sessions. I was also thinking of enforcing the track setting "Real Grip Reduction​" but it might be something that gets easily forgotten when starting the time trial.

Anyway, let me know what you think! (y)
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Anyway, let me know what you think! (y)

Seems good only possible issue I've spotted with tuning restriction is no mention of nos being disallowed, its up to you but you can get even relatively slow cars to do a double ton with enough of it but it carries no pp rating. A few months ago I was running a swift sport round brands indy and even on a short curving circuit like that it was worth a big chunk of time.
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Good point, forgot about the nitrous! I'll probably delay starting until some more people have replied on Abarthisti. Seems like there should be a lot of people interested on there but no replies to my post yet.
Given the swift sports in it at a similar performance level to the abarths could try getting some people of swift owners involved unless your keeping it an all fiat affair.
That could be a good idea, get a bit of rivalry on the go. Could expand onto other forums as well if we did that!

Assuming there are a few players on there already? (

I'll give them a couple more days to reply on Abarthisti then have a rethink! Did just think I could whack it onto GTPlanet if all else fails!
Yeah that's the one, not sure if anyone has it tbh does seem the majority have PS3s, I could always pop a thread up and see if there is any interest. Putting it on GTplanet might end up with a few hot lap specialists with nowt better to do owning it.
As long as people are joining in I don't mind getting owned lol!

I like to win :p

If GtPlanet is anything like the forza forums people will only hot lap for prizes generally. I only started hot lapping forza properly to complete my unicorn collection! But you never know I suppose.
I like to win :p

If GtPlanet is anything like the forza forums people will only hot lap for prizes generally. I only started hot lapping forza properly to complete my unicorn collection! But you never know I suppose.

I'm up for this I got gt6 last night only had a quick read through so will read properly on my break at work :) ps anyone no why the gp abarth didn't get added? :( or if it's there were is it?! It's not in my dealership :(
GT6 player too. Not particularly quick and prefer cars up to 500 ish PP mark. Lucky enough to have a steering wheel and pedals set-up. Couldn't play it otherwise as I'm an old G1t who can't use a game pad:bang: