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Good Fiat customer care.


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Nov 24, 2012
I have had my 500TA for just over 2 years (dealer warranty territory) & my brake fluid low warning appeared on the dash, but only when going around sharp corners and up steep slopes. As the car had done 24000 and I am aware I am heavy on brake pads I assumed that this was down to the level dropping due to pad wear and I would need new pads on the front. Booked the car into Perry's (Aylesbury) my local Fiat dealer to sort out and waited for the call to tell me the damage (bill). Got the call later that day to say that the pads were 50% worn there were no leaks in the system and they had topped up the reservoir and it was ready for collection. Collecting the car I was told there was no charge for this. Considering it took some one time to investigate this I was pleasantly surprised by the £0 bill.

There are Fiat main dealers that care out there, its just a matter of finding them.
So, my mileage is fast approaching 18000 . I rather fancy a couple of hours in Aylesbury, rather than my local Ford dealer in Abingdon. Must give them a ring tomorrow to compare costs. :)
Took my twinair to Perry's of Aylesbury yesterday for it's 18,000 mile service. Courteous service. I was promised it back for 12.00, but it wasn't ready until 13.00, I looked at that that it was due to the amount of work they had for the day. I was offered coffee, whilst I waited.I had gone to McDS's just a short walk away for breakfast. Car was returned, washed and cleaned, all documentation present and book stamped. Michael is the man to ask for if you want to book a Fiat service. Would recommend this garage unreservedly. :)
Yep, Michael's the man. I needed a new BCM for the roof auto opening, sorted under dealer warranty with no fuss.