Technical Gearbox/clutch failer

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Technical Gearbox/clutch failer


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Jan 2, 2006
Hi people, just bought a uno turbo with a suspect broken gearbox or clutch plate.

Its a mk1 uno turbo and it starts up but u carnt get drive and all you can hear is the spinning/scraping of somthing from that area, im told it could be the clutch plate broke in 2 pieces or at the worst it will be gearbox.

Any help would be great as i know nothing about these cars as i have a vvc metro:)

Thanks in advance

Check for anything obvious like big holes in the gearbox, damaged CV joints, drive shafts etc.

Remove the gearbox and check the clutch. If its ok strip the gearbox
stick it in first and start the engine.. if it starts to drive then you could say the gearbox is okay.. :)

But that is a bit harsh, I would say the same as the previous answer..
remove the gearbox and check the clutch out..
With this kind off cars the clutch get a big beating, so i would recon it's a pretty save bet saying it would be that.
Cheers for the replys:)

I dont collect the car until tonight so i will get the gearbox out next week and check it out.

It had 2 new drive shafts last month so it wont be them and i couldnt see any holes in the gearbox so im just hoping its the clutch.

Ill let you know how i get on anyway