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General Fuses and Relays

Feb 9, 2006
My mum borrowed the cinq the other day to go to work and on her way the connection bar on the wipers came off, so i then connected it back up and when checking they worked again my wipers stopped halfway up the windscreen, and now nothing that is controlled by that stalk works, i have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and they are all fine but i havent got a clue which relay is which or if it has a fuse somewhere else, could someone please tell me which relay it is and which fuse also.
cheers Jack
got it working now, there was a fuse a must of missed when checking but the arm is vey lose on the joint in the middle so im half expecting it to do it again but i found a little rubber circle thing behind the fabric thing and i cant seem to find where that came from does anyone no if this came off that joint i tried placing it on but i cudnt seem to work out how it would go on.
cheers jack