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Technical fuse box


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Mar 21, 2024
Hi all
I'm a complete newbie to the world of vans
I've got a Scudo 140M 1997cc 2010 reg, which was fine until I got it stuck in a flood!!!!!
Water was above battery compartment
After being towed out, and dried out, the engine eventually started OK but have had several issues with electrics ie lights suddenly coming on, wipers coming on, And the only way to turn them off is to disconnect the battery.
Do I need to change the engine fuse box?

2010 is most probably a CANbus van already. That means lots of electronic modules that can have (or could have) water inside :(

I'd try to avoid connecting the battery again until everything will be dried and checked.

Normally the eLearn documentation module covers all the connections and electronics. It is not available in the download section of the forum though :( I'd try to source is somewhere on the internet. Perhaps it will be available somewhere.

After a quick google search it seems there are not much finds :( A Polish forum mod says there was no Scudo eLearn, but the documentation of a Jumpy II, one of the siblings, is available online. Try looking for 'Citroen_Service_Documentation_2007'.

There's also the ePERonline on the forum, which should help you a bit :)
And the Scudo service manual here:

EDIT: on the aftersales fiat website the online eLearn for the Scudo is also not available. Perhaps there was no such document released.
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