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Full Name field in user profile

Oct 17, 2005
Belfast, County Antrim
Don't know whether this is just a simple admin option, or whether vBulletin perhaps doesn't allow it... but it'd be nice to go to a user's profile and see their full/real name. It's always nice to be able to reply to someone by name in a post -- good to know you're talking to a "real" person and not just another voice in your head...! :spin:
I agree with Sammi - if someone wants to give their real name, they will; if not, just let it be - once you get to know people anyway, their real name gets about.

As for surnames, well, each to their own - not something I would personally endorse :spin:
I don't mean it has to be compulsory -- just to have the field available, and people can use it if they like, even just for their first names. I've been on numerous forums before which have this optional real name field -- it does make the forum more approachable for newbies, and relative newbies like myself ;)
I'd never admit it on a public forum, but my real name is Ursula :eek:

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