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Dec 31, 2003

My friend has got a Fuji A800 Digital camera. The batteries were provided, but of course, ran out after a while. So put in "normal", AA batteries. But then the camera would not work. Do they have to be specific AA Digital Camera batteries?

Any ideas? :confused:

Thank You
digital cameras are fussy about batteries, and if they're not powerful enough they simply won't work.

what brand of batteries did you use, generally you need to use duracell or high spec engergizer batteries.

best bet is to get some hi power rechargeables off ebay with a power rating of 2500mAh or higher.
with any modern (newer than 3yrs) normal BOUGHT AA batteries (e/g non rechargable alkaline like duracell, energiser etc) are a complete waste of time. if you get really stuck you can buy some (@ £5 for FOUR!!) but do not expect to get more than about 20-30 pictures out of it. less if you use flash and have it turned on for excessive time, OR turn it on and off and its little lense is always going in and out, that also munchs batteries.

my advise. keep alkaline duracells for emergancis and invest in some BIG NimH rechargable AA's, e.g. energiser do 4 of the big (enough for almost anyone) 2500mAh you can get them at curries and comet etc. and they cost £9-11. then buy a charger. any charger capable of nimh will do.
all in maybe cost you £20-25 for 4batteries and a charger. but you'll get more like 100-400 pictures from a single set of batteries, rather than 20-30. and over a period of maybe just a WEEK (in my case) you'll have made that £25 back already :worship:

other good names for rechargables are uniross, but don't bother with the new duracell rechargables, I bought some and they were both duffers