Technical fuel pump

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Technical fuel pump

remove the access panel in the boot, then remove the pump from the tank.

use haynes manual, or download the fiat manuals here:
What you need to do is:

0. switch off ignition, put the key in your pocket
1. lift fabric trim in the boot
2. undo two screws that hold the plastic cover in place, remove cover
3. disconnect the electric plug (AFAIR it is a snap on type with a protective hatch which needs to be released)
4. disconnect the two blue fuel lines by squeezing in the two white-ish squares on the fast-connects (some fuel may leak at this point)
5. now for the hardest part - undo the ribbed plastic flange - a special tool is recommended. If you don't have one, be imaginative - i used two flat head screwdrivers.

Please correct me if I am wrong!
Forgot to add:

Once you undo the flange, work it out of the hole alone to save space for further manipulations. Now... gently pull out the pump assembly, minding not to break the float (is this the right word?)

There may be a certain moment when it is best to "flip over" the whole assembly. Be careful not to spill fuel on yourself when doing it - there is always some of it resting in the unit.

And... you should not be smoking during the process :peace: