- Screwdriver
- Mole grip
- Torex T30
- 8 key* (or 10, can’t be sure now, not wrench, but a box-like one)
- WD40 for rusty screws

CAUTION: when taking off a bumper, be very slow and patient, especially with rusty screws…if they snap, maybe you can live without it, but maybe bumper will hang and to take it out could be a nerve racking job. Plus you need a new one. If it wont go, spray some WD40, gently turn it right and left until it can go left some more, when it stops going 'smootlhly', spray some more WD40, right, left .... patience!

The front bumper on Punto holds on few regular x screws, 2 key 8* (or 10, not sure) and a few torex t30 ones.
First take off the mud protectors, in order to put your hand behind them and reach 2 ones that hold the bumper tight. Be carefull with 2 tight ones, cause the left one can cause problems when you try to put the bumper back, it simply wont go all the way up, so you have to put something between screws head and the bumper or bumper will hang a bit :mad: Use mole grip to hold it from top side.
So you unsrew the 2 ones that hold the mud protector and if you want you can take the one that’s behind the wheel, in a small hole on a protector. (pics 1 and 2)
8 key for left one (or 10, can’t be sure now), torex t30 for right one. Maybe you’ll have to hold them with mole grip from upper side. (pics 3 and 4)

After that, take the 4 ones on the bottom, use torex t30 (pics 5, 6 and 7)

On the last, take off the 2 torex t30 ones that holded the bumper all this time :D

Then simply pull the bumper forward and it’s off J
If you want, you can also modify a bumper by cutting some parts out. I’ve cut the plastic bits that are on the left and right side of the opening…and the one on the top that has 3 holes, now it’s one big air intake :D
I've also put a grill, I'll post a link to a guide in a few minutes, when I get it done :D