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Focus ST3

normski c

Apr 21, 2004
Glengormley, N.I, United Kingdom.
Dad has a Toyota Corolla Verso (people carrier, only for him and mum, me occasionally) but he seems to be finally giving into my urge for him to get himself a nice car, its a 1.8, can shift for what it is but i don't think this anymore after being in the new focus ST3 today which my dad seems to be pretty much on his way to buying :)

first time ive ever been in a car that does 0-60 in 6.5 secs, and the crazy younger guy from dealer who took us out exploited this to full use, OMG, now i see why people love power mods lol, maximum torque from 1600rpm or sumfin and it pulls all day.

Just thought i'd share my experience and that i seem to have finally got dad from his people carrier love, but what a car to step up to from people carriers and 1.4 civics lol

also i fully rate this car, i know people gona say don't like it but it really is as fine a chassis and package as u'll find for 20K
i know, i'm so jealous of him, £450 fully comp on a car that he's prob never gona see more than a ton in.

the exhaust note today from the 2.5 turbo in the back seat was amazin, i could have sat there all day.

will get some pics up if he ends up gettin it, lol

he's goin for st3(so has leather and everything) in silver 5 door.
5 door? Street sleeper then. Till him to debadge!

As for 0-60 in 6.5....... feels good dont it? I'd be slightly annoyed if mines done that tho.... (Waits on pinin)

The Focus ST is awesome:slayer: I've put a fair few miles in them now and I rate it a lot (I am slightly biased working for a Ford dealer:rolleyes: ). But I agree, the torque is on tap and it handles ace. It is a right "rally slag" :cool: as we call cars with loads of muscle up here. Drive one, you wont be disappointed. We have got a pair of 5 doors in performance blue at the mo and they have a really sporty touring car look to them. i like a lot!

If you are in w.yorkshire and want to test drive with a decent intention to buy, pm me;)
Dad has now bought this!!! Silver, 5 door, ST3 spec, so has full leather etc,
we were up last night test driving it again for mums benefit, and i asked the guy for a go, he was too happy to comply, bare in mind the monday afternoon he took us out he absolutely tore the $h*t outa it with us in it, me and dad were hangin on for dear life, so he was to happy to encourage me last night to hoke it on about, as soon as the torque kicks in and that 5 pot lights up through those twin pipes theres no greater feeling, the noise has me haunted in a good way for life, lol.
max torque at 1600rpm knocks u right back into the comfy leather and ur at the end of the carriageway before u realised u were actually on it.
damn i wish i could afford something like this, and insurance too.
£450 dad has to pay on group 17, for N.Ireland thats pennies for this kind of car.
If you want something aswell as your fiat or something good enough to replace it, this is it, is a step ahead of golf gti's etc!!!