Finally some pics for everyone!

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Finally some pics for everyone!


Feb 5, 2007
Finally got round to posting some pics, shows off the new number plates and red bits in the engine. Hope you like! (Just in have to click on them :p!)

Yeah they are. The missus is italian as well, so she kinda demanded them! Not sure how legal they are but meh they look kick ass!
I think as long as you comply with the same size and spacing of lettering font as other uk plates I would imagine that you would be legal. Bearing in mind some of the bizarre variations I 've seen over the years.

Nice touch as you are both of italian extration.(y) Just so long as you keep paying your uk taxes.:devil: ;)

Enjoy it!
Im full english me, born and bred. Shes born in this country as well, just to italian parentage. Is horrible whenever footballs on lol. But i agree, they are a nice touch, ive seen vw enthusiasts sporting german plates for years, so i thought...why not!
Not legal at all actually, you're only allowed GB and the euro stars if it's registered in the UK, but the authorities never seem to do anything about so don't worry.

Your's is far more legal than those ones with St George's cross etc.