Technical Fiat strada 1.2 rough idle

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Technical Fiat strada 1.2 rough idle


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Sep 11, 2022
Cape town
Hi everyone, since I bought my fiat strada 1.2 with 178b7 engine a few months ago it has had a very rough idle. I don't so much on tu and idle still the same, drives fine, but sometimes under higher rpm and load it suddenly loses power. At idle engine sputters. But drives good. If I unplug 02 sensor it idles smooth again. I put in a new 02 spark plugs,New leads, new fuel pump,new fuel filter. Checked timing.
I used multiecuscan, and got no error codes.
I checked my fuel pressure and it's 2.5 bar. I've been told that's fine and I've been told by some it suppose to be 3bar. It's a new pump, I've check the entire fuel line, for leaks.

I just can't get to the problem, has been months now. Are there any common issues with these engines? I don't know where to look now. Thanks would really appreciate inputs
Hi! Have you already removed the flow valve and cleaned it? I also have this engine family, and it is a "type fault".