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Feb 20, 2006
Colchester, Essex
Just bought a 2 year old Punto which is still within warranty and have to get it serviced by the end of this month to maintain the warranty apparently. I have just booked a service at my local Fiat dealership and they said it would cost £230 including labour and parts! They haven't even looked at my car yet so don't understand what this is about! Does anyone know whether I can get this cheaper elsewhere without invalidating the warranty? Any general advice or explanations of how the service works would be appreciated! Cheers. :confused:
AFAIK any VAT registered garage can service your car and retain the warranty providing they follow the manufacturer's service schedule and use genuine Fiat parts and work programmes. My local independent (owned by ex-Fiat fella) offers this option (y)

Dave may be able to help you out, he lives not far from you and lives and breathes Puntos :D
Cheers mate - I'll give it a look! (y) By the way, I am new to the site and haven't met Dave on my travels! Thanks for your help my friend!:worship:
well the fact its a V8 might be why it costs £230 for basically an oil change!!:D

Welcome to the forum buddy!

Dave is a mod with rabbits in his sig (very recognisable) pretty knowledgable and should be able to describe why it costs so much. If I was you I would take it elsewhere and as most people will agree fiat garages are amoung TEH most expensive and anal garages there are PERIOD (it costs less to service a 4year old audi A6 3.0 @ a real audi garage than it does to service a 1998 1.2 punto:eek: @ a real fiat garage