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Aug 31, 2006
had the doblo in for a 48k service recently which it failed its mot for rear indicator bulbs too white!
dealer replaced these as part of service but on Friday when onloading i found all the screws loose barely screwed in by hand - most were nearly dropping out!
on further investigation found that they had broken one of the tags that retain the speaker cover - pointed out in forum as a care point. Dealer was intially dubious and went through all my records and eventually said they would replace the cover.
concern that this is a main dealership and supposed experts doing the repairs - i spent some time going over the doblo checking their work and after paying a lot of money do not expect to be doing this!
so beware the main dealerships!!
front suspension housing also failed as the bearing collapse so had to have that replacedas it was also an mot failure


Feb 7, 2006
Hi Niellyb,

Hands up everybody that is surprised at the above experience................. strange.. I can't see any hands.

I suggest you forget any preconceptions you had as to a main dealer automatically meaning good quality work. In my experience it is just the opposite. Top prices, expensive showrooms, a few good techs swimming in a sea of cowboys in the workshop.

Find yourself a good independant local garage. Word of mouth will be your guide. A small independant lives or dies by their reputation and repeat customers. If you are anywhere in the east midlands I can highly recommend a garage in Wellingborough who service Mrs_G's Doblo (15 services plus extra work to cure faults/failure between services), my 3.5 ton Iveco and our V70. - I service the BMW bike myself.

Good luck in your search.