Technical Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1 1998 Squealing noise

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Technical Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1 1998 Squealing noise


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Aug 1, 2012
Hi all,
just bought a Seicento sporting 1998 two days ago; after 15km on the way home it overheated and smoked twice :cry: so another garage had to change thermostat and flush cooling system for me as it was blocked. Car was fine on a test drive a week and a half ago, no noise no overheating. Overheating is now solved with the above but the car still makes a squealing noise particularly on higher revs in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears, not so much/not at all in 4th/5th; e.g. coming out of a corner in 2nd will make the squeal louder. Garage who replaced thermostat are saying it is the bearings in the alternator and would cost about another 150 Euros to change the bearings. Through other forums i've seen it could also be minor things like the belt tension (which i could try and remedy myself) or more major issues including water pump. What do you think, and can I test more and give you any other symptoms? Thanks!
Take the alternator drive belt off. drive the car (a short distance) see if squeal still present.

Could also be the cam belt tensioner, or something not engine related at all if only happen cornering.

Check brake back plates for distortion


seen the odd bearing go ,put long handled screwdriver on altenator,if bearing are gone it will feel very rough, thats the casing/body i mean.(y)
If it's the alternator, don't bother trying to rebuild the bearings.. buy a new "reconditioned" one.

A "recon" is a fully re-built alternator (new regulator and rectifier, bushes and bearings) just using an old casing and bracket (though these are usually blasted so they appear brand new). So.. it's better value.

Ralf S.
Thanks guys for all your suggestions! :D
So came out to the car just now, first time with a couple of screwdrivers in my hand... Started up - squealing, opened the hood and the noise just stopped. Did a couple of laps round the block, - no more squealing at all.

I think the little bugger thought it could screw with me since i just bought it, but chickened out at the sight of the tools. Lets hope it stays that way :worship: