General Fiat ritmo 75 i.e fuel pump?

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General Fiat ritmo 75 i.e fuel pump?


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Apr 20, 2020
Hello i have bought a new motor for my fiat ritmo 70cl. The new engine is from a ritmo 75 or uno it’s a 1.5 i.e engine (no turbo) but i need to place the fuel pump somewhere.. but where? Someone told me closest as possible to fuel tank but also highest as possible. So far i was told 130TC has a fuel pump placed somewhere that should be where should place mine, but i can’t find any images or pictures. Any ideas or something on how i should place the fuel pump? Also i’ve been told i should go with 8mm fuel hose for both ways
Thank you so much!!
U are welcome.

On the Uno and Tipo SPI fuel injected engines the fuel pump is in the tank, like on most Fiats / other vehicles these days.

I think on the Strada the fuel pump was located low by the axle so it only had to lift fuel from the tank a short distance (length and height) and then be in a better gravity assisted position to then pump fuel forward and up into the engine compartment.