Technical Fiat Panda indicator fuse blowing issue (something shorting?)

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Technical Fiat Panda indicator fuse blowing issue (something shorting?)


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Dec 15, 2021
Hello group,

(this is a 1988 4x4 panda)

In need of some help on this one.
The fuse number 4 (indicators fuse) keeps blowing (see photo attached for the corresponding fuse).

I've tried multiple things with no luck so far so I was wondering if anyone could point me towards commonly known issues for this?

I've tried disconnecting the indicators fuse, then all the blocks on the sterring column, then took the dash away and disconnected all everything in the dash but still the fuse keeps blowing everytime I turn the key.

I've lost indicators, fuel level, temperature gauge and on idle the car just dies now. If I keep revving it and on the move the cars works normally.

I'm guessing it could also be the idle stop devise (also on fuse 4 according to Haynes manual) but I'm not quite sure what that is. I'm guessing is the thingy by the carburator? Like a solenoid to cut the gas? I've tried unplugging that too and still it's shorting.

I've also looked at the cables main loom under the dash and by the fuses but found nothing that could be shorting.

Hazzard lights still work.

A bit lost at what else to look at at this point so any help would be super helpful.

Thanks guys!

No help, but I have the same issue, just started. Prepairing the car for the Panda Raid and found the fog light was blowing a fuse when put on, now the indicator fuse blows randomly. I did take the battery out and try to pull the loom behind it to see if there were any warn wires shorting, and I think that's what's causing the new fuse to blow. Will take a look in teh look again tomorrow but it's a pain to view it all.
I have just worked out the issue with my Panda. It was a loose conector on the brake pedal switch, easy to knock off or kick, terrible design. Everytime I drove and then braked it popped the fuse, sadly I worked from the lights backwards, the pedal was the last thing to check!!!!!