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Fiat in Australia


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Nov 13, 2019
Oxenford, Gold Coast, QLD
I've just returned home from a five day trip to Gold Coast and Brisbane. I always keep an eye out for Fiats and in the whole time I was there I only saw three Fiats 500's and a (Dodge Caravan I think?) with a Fiat badge.

I was expecting more european cars in a country with such a rich, cosmopolitan population.

In contrast New Zealand is filled with all models new and old.(y)
A few weeks ago I was driving from Port Augusta to Adelaide in my 2005 Scudo, on my return trip across the Nullarbor, Coming the other way was another Scudo and as soon as the passenger saw me she became ecstatic pointing and waving in my direction. I have not seen anyone so excited , I just had enough time to wave back as we passed at 100kmph. Keep happy and safe Fiat drivers, There are lots of them out on the road.
Lower Control arm / wishbone for Right side to fit Fiat Scudo .
Fahren FAS2030
compatible with
Fiat part number 1497407080 1401239480
Brand new unused still in factory plastic wrap
$200.00 ONO

Only suitable for Australia.
I have priced this part at Repco and they sell equivalent for over $400

Free pickup otherwise pay for post at cost