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General Fiat Bravo user guide / buyers guide

Mar 16, 2002
Cornwall, United Kingdom.
Currently I'm compiling a user guide (like an FAQ only hopefully more comprehensive) for the Bravo, Brava, Marea etc. It will be linked from the other forum and hopefully this one and will be part of me website.

Apart from the usual niggles we've come to know about with Bravos, Bravas etc, is there any of the more unusual niggles / problems with their cars (along with the solution to that problem) that they'd like to submit. If so, please e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Where do you want me to start with HGT issues? I have Injection, Throttle, ECU, Vibration, Economy, Depreciation, Air Bag, Understear, Tyre Wear, Interior Scratching, Sensitive ABS, Brake Pad Disintegration, Brake Pull, Expensive Servicing, Washer Failure and an impossible to clean front end! All in 12 months from new.

On my 1.4sx, the bonnet is difficult to open and thats it after 3 years!

It will be interesting to read and then possible contribute anything that I have had that isn't on there. Top idea though, Paul.


The washer failiure (take it you mean the infamous rear wash-wipe-when-it-feels-like-it system) hose thingy is already noted, as is the economy and interior scratches have already been noted and included in the report. So when it's up and running (it will be something that's constantly added to) start where you like on the HGT issues! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

I'm also adding a "Rate or slate" your dealer section. It applies to ANY Fiat dealer, ANY sales place (including supermarkets such as TRADE SALES), and any specialist. This will be based on reader submissions to view people's satisfaction with treatment by dealers, service, sales, aftercare and whether any of the staff give a toss.

Hang on .... thats wed dot wacing address ... and number.... duh click click - tell Tony to put the prices on the web site lol I vill speak vith him tomnorrow

Nige - Angle Tuning :)

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Hi , i have 1.6 16v sx , so where can i find/download Bravo users/buyers/service guide ( that came along with car itself) , sorry my english not to good

thats a dead link mate,....

Fiat Boo seem to have a few guides and usefull things ;) but so do these forums if you search them.

as for an origional Guide. go to a scrap yard and look there for one ;)