General Fiat Brava demisting problem

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General Fiat Brava demisting problem


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Oct 27, 2007
Hello there,

I have had a problem with a Y plate Fiat Brava. First of all the heater was blowing cold air only. The temp guage stayed at normal, went a bit higher, then returned to normal. Surprisingly, the heat has returned and the temp guage does not go above normal.

The problem now is, although the air is still hot, and there is no vent blockage, the windscreen is very, very slow to demist. The side windows are also very misty.

Any ideas?


Bleed the cooling system first - there may be a bubble blocking the heater matrix.

Check/replace the pollen filter.

loss of hot air is never a good sign, its often the first sign of head gasket failure.

check the coolant level asap, and make sure it has no oil in it. check there is no creamy white/yellow stuff on the underside of the oil filler cap.

if you have air con then there will pollen filter you can replace, if you dont have air con then your blower motor may be blocked up with sticks and leaves.
Thanks guys, for the replies, much appreciated and will check.

The blower is working ok and the hot air is coming through the vents but it still takes a long time to clear.