Technical Fiat Brava 80 Cv 16v Glasgow

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Technical Fiat Brava 80 Cv 16v Glasgow


Jan 15, 2006
Hi dear friends ..Iam new to this forum my name is Claudio from Glasgow ..I bought a Fiat Brava 1.2 16 v s reg with 97000 miles on clock..and nowe after a month I have to replace the head gasket..I ve contacted a Fiat dealer in Italy and they said that the job require at least 2 days!!!!Could anyone could help me to find a professional mechanics here in Glasgow? ( north side)

the right price to fix the gasket?

My experience here with local garages are really bad ..I mean to many Glaswegian mechanics dont have the full competency to fix cars ...

Anyway I am here also to help you all in case you need special requests..Iam Italian so if you need any help..with Fiat cars just send me a message here..

Take care for now and I hope to ear you all soon!!

Ciao from Glasgow!!!

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Hello! An Italian living in Scotland? That must have been a culture shock! I'm not sure who could help you with your head gasket but we have a few members from the area who I'm sure will be along to help.

The one question on many peoples minds is what is Italian for 'Fix it again tomorrow' ?

Good luick with the car.