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General Fiat Brava 1.2 16v not firing


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Aug 10, 2007
Ok here goes......

My wifes fiat still wont start. Turn on the car, it turns over but nothing. The red fuel injector light is also staying on.

Here is what I have done so far......

1. Checked power to Ignition coil OK
2. Changed Ignition Coil
3. Changed HT leads
4. Changed Crank Sensor
5. Changed MAP sensor

All it will do is turn over. I have removed one of the plugs after turning it over, and the plug is bone dry.
When you turn on ignition, you can hear the fuel pump kick in and prime the system.

I have also.....

1. Checked the main fuses - 30 - 45 and 80 amps (think they are the right ones)
2. Checked the 2 15 amp fuses next to the red and black relays on the bulk
3. Checked the 2 relays ( I think) I unplugged them while car was turned on and got clicking noise as i unplugged them.

It just seems to be now that no fuel is getting into the spark plug chambers, what else could cause the injectors (i guess) not to work
if you pull out the petrol pipe from the injector rail, do you get any fuel or not? Be careful though as it may come gushing out, catch it in a bottle.

have you put a test light or similar on an injector plug to confirm power is there? Power comes straight from the ECU, there is a connector, left side of engine, check its good.

is the orange key code light on the dash switching off?

OK heres the story. No luck with anything I've tried so yesterday I paid to have the car taken to a Fiat Garage.

Today they tell me its gonna cost £1000 to "Hopefully" fix the car. Now here is where I need some advice.

They are saying that the ECU does not recognise the key which we are using, even though the code light goes out on the dash. And because we do not have the red or blue key, we have to pay for a whole new lock system, ignition, code box and ECU. Is this possible that even though the code light goes out, that the ECU wont recognise it?

Also is it possible to maybe obtain another master key from Fiat, which the dealer where our car is said it isn't.

I really dont / wont spend £1000 to get it fixed, when the car is not worth that.

Anyone that can help,it would be greatly appreciated.
a complete lock set on ebay is about £100, OK the two on there at the moment are not your car, but its a ball park figure.

Second, I would have thought the dealer could programme the ECU, eg if you had a new ECU you would have to match it to the CODE.

Third, have a look at this

no experience of any of them, maybe some on here have but a cheaper option than the stealer

Thank you for your reply. I am gonna give the Codeman a go, his service seems good and cheap at £110 (which includes 3 new keys).

I will post how it goes once I get it all back, and hopefully the car running.
how many times have i heard about a dealer saying this and been wrong, its shocking that they use this tactic. imo they have retrieved an old code that can definately not relate to the current problem because the code light can only go out if the key code is recognised and accepted. you may have an ecu fault (seems likely at this point), but you definately dont have an immob fault if the key code light goes out.

a brand new 'virgin' ecu can be fitted without changing anything else, it will automatically pair up with the first codebox it communicates with. however finding a virgin ecu can be difficult and expensive, if the ecu has been fitted to any car, even for a second, it is no longer a virgin and hence worthless.

replacing the codebox, ecu and key chips would be easier, you dont need to replace your locks, its easier to replace the key metal blanks, but you do need the keys from the donor car, well more specifically you need the red key, codebox and ecu all from the same car. any blue keys can then be programmed in to the codebox using the red key, including your current key.

the other option is an ecu repair, which codeman can do.

EDIT: hang on, you said in the first post that you checked for power going to the coilpack, i assume this means you have determined that both the LT signals are getting sent from the ecu to the coil pack, if that is the case then you do not have an ecu fault or an immob fault or anything else, it can only be a coilpack fault.
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I know it is not the coilpack, as it is brand new, the 3rd one in as many months, as i thought this was the problem originally. The one on the car has only drove the car about 4 miles, then once the car was turned off has failed to start since.

Fiat dealer is still insisting that it is a key problem (says he has print out from diagnostics test), but i really dont believe that, as like i said previously, the code light goes out. They say we need red master key which we dont have. The dealer can get hold of key code from fiat, but says they can not programme new key. Contacted fiat direct, who say they can not supply a new master key (how stupid. they have the code and must programme 100's of red keys every day for every new fiat. Why cant they programme a new one for us? )

I am looking at replacing the whole lot though, ecu, code box and ignition. Found a set with red key for about £80. If this dont fix it i will be billing the dealer for un-neccessary parts.
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how stupid. they have the code and must programme 100's of red keys every day for every new fiat. Why cant they programme a new one for us?.
the programming is a procedure where the red key is paired with a codebox, that codebox can not learn another red key ever again (unless you clear the codebox memory so it is a virgin codebox again, but fiat cant do that)
i no this sounds stupid but i sold my fiat punto 60s but it will tick but not over !!!! same problem.

you said that "My wifes fiat still wont start. Turn on the car, it turns over but nothing".

right i tell my story i had a cat c fiat punto r reg i did as much as possible to fix it up got wing and stuff but it started and perred like a cat but then one cold morning it wouldnt tick over so i too the startermotor out and replaced it with new. the blue key worked everything worked before it got really cold so i the council do me new drive and told me to shif it costing 200 i let it go for 60 quid :( but i told the guy what has happend.

so his dad came to the house with a massive 4x4 with extra battries and jumped start the punto and it worked like a dream and drove of down the road to his place scraped it fully and sold the parts on ebay :(

so what you need to do is now is get a some one with a big enouth battery and jump start the thing other is that dont work i dont no what to say.
thanks for taking time to read
kick ass you only had a flat battery because you hadnt been using the car, very easy to diagnose and fix, but thats very different to an immob fault. you cant jump start an immobilised car, if you could there would be no point in having an immobiliser.